Physiotherapist comes home to BC

Unlike many candidates assisted by Health Match BC consultants, physiotherapist Dawn Woods already knew all about life in British Columbia.

“I had lived in Victoria for eight years, and my fiancé and I own a house here,” said Dawn. “I went to Alberta to study physiotherapy, but I always knew I would be coming back to Vancouver Island.”

Step-by-step support
Dawn met with Health Match BC consultants at a job fair and when she talked about returning to BC, they offered to help smooth the way. “They took my resume and put it into the right hands, and were able to help match me to a job in my preferred region,” explained Dawn. “They let me know what to expect, and reminded me of each step that I needed to take for licensing and registration.”

“It was great to have a job identified four months before graduation. That made planning to come back so much easier.”

Broad range of work
Dawn now works at Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria as a casual physiotherapist. She is in contact with patients in all departments, including acute medicine, orthopedics, and geriatrics. “Something that is different about physiotherapy is that you can choose to work either in private practice, or in the public system.”

For now, she is enjoying the exposure to the full gamut of physiotherapy in a hospital setting. “Eventually I’d like to work toward a position where I can do outpatient care, in the public system,” she added.

Thrilled to be back
After spending two years in Edmonton to complete her training, Dawn is happy to be back in Victoria. “For an outdoorsy person, you can’t ask for a better place to live - ocean, beaches, mountains. The mild weather is especially nice after two Alberta winters,” she laughed.

Dawn and Clayton often explore Vancouver Island on foot, or by bike and canoe. “I’m thrilled to be back,” she said. “We are having a great time.”

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