Consultants help RN pick ideal community to call home

An RN with 10 years of experience in her native India, Liza Sebastian had always dreamed of living in British Columbia. Like so many health care professionals who relocate to BC, Liza and her husband Praveen began their search on the internet to see what options were open to them. They soon came into contact with Health Match BC. “The consultants were very helpful in walking us through all the steps,” said Liza. “First, I had to get a work permit and permanent resident status. Once we arrived in Canada, the consultants helped us so much. They forwarded my resume and I’m sure that it is because of their support that I got this job.” Flexible schedule, higher pay Liza recently passed her Canadian Registered Nurses Exam and is now a licensed registered nurse in British Columbia. While some things were hard to adjust to at first, with some orientation Liza said she is finding her way. “Things are a bit different here, but a lot of the work is similar. There are higher practice standards here and more advanced technology.” She added that she is enjoying the more flexible schedule and the higher pay. The family chose Cranbrook because of its combination of small-town lifestyle and recreation facilities and amenities. “We wanted to be close to nature and the mountains. This year will be our first experience of winter and we are really looking forward to that.” Four-year-old Joshua “is really excited to see snow. He wants to learn to skate and ski.” The family did not have to wait for winter to have their first new experience. A friend took them for an orchard tour in the nearby Creston Valley: “We picked apples and cherries. That is the first time we’ve seen apples on a tree.” Enjoyed a warm welcome “The people have been so welcoming. We wondered how it would be culturally. But Canada is very diverse. There are people from many cultures. There are several other Indian families in the community and we get together for meals and dances. People are very friendly.” “When I look at the experience of coming here, I am filled with wonder. Health Match BC offers a free service for health care professionals and we are so appreciative of everything they did for us. We don’t have relatives here and they were the first to welcome us. I don’t know how to express my thanks.”

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