After working around the world, psychiatrist settles in BC

The Fadeyi family loves to travel. After leaving their home in Nigeria in 2001, they spent nine years in Ireland, where Samuel completed his specialist training in psychiatry. They then lived in New Zealand for a short time, and in Ontario, Canada. Even now that they have settled in Port Alberni, the family spends their free time exploring Vancouver Island, the BC Interior, and the northwest coast of the United States.

“We travel a lot. It’s refreshing and relaxing, and a great way to chill out and enjoy time together,” said Samuel from his home recently. “This weekend we are going to Bellingham, Washington, to see what it is like there. Working in Port Alberni has provided us with a lot of opportunities to explore.”

When we caught up with Samuel, he and Caroline were enjoying having all three of their children home. Their daughter Esther, 24, recently finished her nursing degree in Ireland and is now completing her licensing with the College of Registered Nurses of BC. Daughter Deborah, 22, is a medical student in Atlanta, and was home with her family between clinical rotations. Son Paul, 8, loves his new community and has adjusted easily to the move. “He’s travelled a lot in his life,” laughed Samuel. “He’s used to going from place to place.”

Enjoying the mild weather
“One thing we were worried about was the weather in Canada,” he said. “We didn’t want to live in a place where it was very cold. We’ve been really lucky in Port Alberni. It has some of the mildest weather in BC.”

The family is also enjoying the small city, which Samuel describes as quiet and friendly. “We have a strong sense of belonging here, not just in our personal lives, but when I’m at work too. The working environment is really good, and it feels like its own community. I love working here.”

“The content of the cases that I see is more or less the same. But here I get to focus more on clinic work. I also have more flexibility in scheduling my time. As a result, the quality of life is much better here,” he noted. “I need time to connect with my patients and I feel much more fulfilled in my work when I have time for them. I can’t be useful to others if I am stressed out or burned out.”

Appreciative patients
Samuel and one of his colleagues have recently begun to service outlying clinics in Ucluelet and Tofino. They alternate traveling to those locations every six weeks. “I find the patients here are very appreciative of the work we are doing. They say thank you. I’m not used to that. It’s a big deal in a small community, you feel like you are part of their lives.”

Caroline, who is trained as a social worker, is happy to focus on getting everyone settled for now. “She looks after all of us,” he said. “And she loves it here so much that after four months, we bought a house.”

Samuel discovered Health Match BC on the internet. “Their consultants were very helpful. The fact that we were already landed immigrants when we arrived in Canada made the process a lot easier. They distributed my CV and put me in touch with many communities.”

“We feel very happy that we chose Port Alberni. Especially because of the weather. So far this winter it has only snowed three times, and we are happy with that. We much prefer the rain to the snow.” - END

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