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Community Health Nurse Uses Voice For Good

In this incredible video from the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), Community Health Nurse, Carley Julien shares “Ode to an Elder" song for Nursing Week. Carley who has worked in rural and remote nursing for over five years was inspired to create this after speaking with an Elder she was helping at the Tsay Keh Dene Nation Community Health Centre about his life including his childhood and his experience in a Residential School.

“It is my responsibility [as a nurse], just as much as it is to practice evidence-based, best-practice care, to provide care in a way that builds trust," Carley said. “Building trust takes time and listening, and that is why I was able to hear his story and voice my reflections through song for others to hear, and hopefully learn from the way I did."

Carley and other nurses do so much work in our communities that go beyond what many might consider the scope of nursing. Our nurses show compassion and care each day and for this, we are grateful. Join us in celebrating Carley and nurses everywhere this Nursing Week, and the weeks after.

Read Carley’s full story here

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