Move to Canada progressed quickly after UK physician contacted Health Match BC

In the early 1990s, Dr. Richard Harper and his wife Rachel, a registered nurse, first contemplated moving to Canada from the United Kingdom (UK). A variety of issues kept putting their plans on hold, until a family vacation three years ago.

“We were visiting my sister who immigrated over 30 years ago,” said Dr. Harper. “As we were driving from her home in the Okanagan to visit relatives in Alberta, we stopped at the lookout in Coldstream and looked down the valley. It reignited our interest.”

“We then found Health Match BC online and things moved quite quickly after that,” he recalled. “They really did hold my hand through the whole process.” Dr. Harper was one of the 268 physicians who moved to BC from across Canada and around the world in 2012.

More enjoyable, more relaxing
“I worked with 10 doctors in the UK, in a practice with 15,000 patients. In Canada, you have your own list of patients, you get to know them. I took over from a doctor who had the same patients for 35 years; he cared for their families as well. You don’t have that opportunity in the UK,” he explained.

“The biggest difference is that you are your own boss here; you are in control. That means you can work as hard as you like or, within reason, as little as you like,” noted Dr. Harper. “It’s much more enjoyable, more relaxing.”

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