Cardiovascular Perfusionist

Cardiovascular perfusionists work under the direct clinical supervision of an anesthesiologist and a surgeon. They provide technical support in the application of extracorporeal (situated outside the body) perfusion techniques.

Cardiovascular perfusion is the science that involves providing extracorporeal circulation to artificially support and temporarily replace a patient’s respiratory and circulatory systems.

Clinical perfusionists are expert members of the cardiac surgical team and can provide lifesaving support to patients that need extracorporeal circulation. This includes, but is not limited to, major cardiothoracic, vascular, and transplant surgeries. They also support critically ill patients.

Clinical perfusionists are trained in the safe administration of blood products and drugs. They are experts in the implementation and management of blood salvage, intra-aortic balloon, and Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs).


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