Social Worker

Social workers help individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations develop the skills and resources they need to improve their social functioning and environments.

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The responsibilities of a social worker may include:

  • interviewing clients, either individually or in a group or family setting, and make an assessment to decide what actions and/or services are necessary
  • providing counselling and therapy to develop their clients' insight into their personal problems. Develop their clients' coping skills to help with any social and personal difficulties
  • hospital discharge planning
  • investigating claims of child abuse or neglect and enforce protective measures as needed
  • advocating for client groups in the community, including lobbying for remedies to problems which have a direct impact on those client groups
  • developing prevention and intervention programs to meet community needs
  • developing strategies of assistance for clients. This includes obtaining legal aid, financial assistance, housing and medical treatment from the appropriate agencies
  • providing mediation services
  • developing, promoting, implementing, and evaluating social policies and programs
  • may interact with professionals or groups to provide consultation with regards to counselling services and the issues that affect those services
  • helping with community development.

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