Registered Nurse

Registered nurses observe, assess, monitor, and document patient symptoms, reactions, and progress. They contribute to a culture of patient safety and promote health to patients/clients/residents families and other caregivers.

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Some of the key responsibilities of registered nurses are:

  • administering medications
  • caring for wounds
  • educating and informing about nutrition
  • educating patients about self-care
  • managing medications
  • disease prevention.

Registered nurses are trained as critical thinkers, problem solvers, and decision makers to provide safe and competent care to patients. They are strong advocates for their patients and they make sure patients get the necessary care to improve their health.

Registered nurses are the largest group of health care professionals in providing care to patients. They play a key role in front line health care delivery. In addition, they play a key leadership role in sharing their expertise and knowledge to help improve patient care and promote health.

Registered nursing practice is a dynamic profession with multiple opportunities to learn, grow, and advance in clinical practice, and advance practice or in leadership roles.

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