Psychiatric Nurse

Registered psychiatric nurses (RPNs) provide assessments, nursing diagnosis, and evidenced-based nursing care to patients and clients with mental health disorders.

Specialty areas for registered psychiatric nurses include:

  • child mental health
  • adult mental health
  • learning disabilities
  • emotional disturbances
  • substance abuse
  • geriatrics.

RPNs work with registered nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, social workers, mental health and addiction counsellors, and other allied health care professionals in a collaborative and team approach. They use a holistic approach to work with clients, families, groups, and communities.

Registered psychiatric nurses are trained as critical thinkers, problem solvers, and decision makers to provide safe and competent care to patients. They are strong advocates for their patients, in a shared partnership to ensure they get the best care to improve their health.

They are the largest group of health care professionals within the psychiatric domain in providing care to patients. They play a significant key role as the front line health care providers as well as a key leadership role in sharing their expertise, intuition, and knowledge to help improve patient care and in the promotion of health.

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