Physiotherapists help their clients to function independently; prevent and manage pain, physical impairments, and disabilities; and promote fitness, health, and wellness.

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Physiotherapists perform some or all of the following duties:

  • assess clients' physical function, analyze findings, and establish physiotherapy diagnosis
  • develop treatment goals based on physiotherapy diagnosis together with the client or client's family
  • implement physiotherapy interventions (exercise, therapeutic modalities, education, etc.) based on client needs, goals, and abilities
  • evaluate progress to keep track of client progress and to adjust treatment
  • communicate with other health care professionals and team members about client goals and care plans
  • maintain detailed records of a client's treatment and progress
  • participate in safe and effective discharge planning or transition of care
  • conduct research in physiotherapy and related fields
  • develop physical-health promotion programs and screening tools
  • provide education and consulting services to the public and other health care professionals.

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