Addictions Counsellor

Addictions counsellors help individuals, families, and communities identify and deal with addictions through treatment and prevention programs.

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In general, addiction counsellors:

  • work with clients from diverse cultures and backgrounds who have eating disorders or are addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, or tobacco
  • assess client strengths, problem areas, severity of dependence and readiness to change
  • develop client treatment plans that are based on research, clinical experience, and client history
  • provide information about addiction issues
  • provide information about available services and programs
  • make appropriate referrals
  • hold information sessions and therapy groups
  • counsel affected individuals and family members through all stages of recovery
  • counsel affected individuals using appropriate intervention strategies and treatment approaches
  • review, evaluate, and document client progress
  • provide aftercare and follow-up
  • develop public education, prevention, and health promotion programs
  • work with organizations, institutions, and communities to develop, implement, and evaluate health and wellness programs.

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