Dietitian (Registered Dietitian)

Registered dietitians are health care professionals who are trained to provide advice about diet, food, and nutrition.

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Registered dietitians teach individuals and groups about meeting specific nutritional needs, and monitor their nutritional wellness to improve health and to help patients recover from illnesses. They use the science of nutrition to help people make healthy food choices.

Dietitians provide medical nutritional intervention on what types of foods to serve and how to prepare foods for patients, groups, and communities. Dietitians work collaboratively with other health care professionals to provide safe and specific nutritional needs to patients unable to eat or drink food normally.

In Canada, the term “nutritionist” is widely used interchangeably with “dietitians”. However, the terms “dietitian” and “registered dietitian” are the official titles for trained and regulated dietitian professionals. 

Main roles and responsibilities:

  • educate and give advice on food, diet, and nutrition
  • manage food service operations by providing meal plans/menus/caloric recommendations and the preparations of foods in hospitals, schools, daycare centres, or correctional facilities
  • educate clients/patients about the benefits of food, fitness, and health
  • collaborate with nurses, occupational therapists, and other health professionals to promote healthy eating habits and make nutritious food choices
  • teach at colleges and universities; and
  • conduct research

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