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Roots Community Health Centre is a non-profit society providing comprehensive longitudinal primary health care services for vulnerable newcomers such as refugees, new immigrants, migrant workers and refugee claimants. Roots CHC is committed to providing care through the lens of the social determinants of health, Cultural safety, and trauma-informed care. Our providers include Family physicians and NPs who will be working with allied health care providers and RNs to provide team-based care to our patients. Roots CHC operates as part of the Surrey-North Delta Primary Care Network.

What is the Surrey-North Delta Primary Care Network?

The Surrey North-Delta (SND) Primary Care Network (PCN) is a strong partnership between the Surrey-North Delta Division of Family Practice, Fraser Health Authority, First Nations Health Authority, and community service organizations, committed to establishing Primary Care Networks as a foundation of an integrated system of primary and community care. As a result, we foresee a robust healthcare system deep-rooted in primary care and prevention, integrated with community services and programs, and truly accessible to our residents.

In SND, more than 100,000 people need a primary care provider. Bring your clinical expertise and passion for providing quality, compassionate care to a challenging and rewarding role as a PCN Nurse Practitioner (NP) in Surrey and North Delta, BC. PCN attributes include:

• Processes to ensure all people in a community have access to quality primary care and are attached to a PCN;

• Provision of extended hours of care, including early mornings, evenings and weekends;

• Provision of same-day access for urgently needed care through the PCN or an urgent primary care centre;

• Provision of comprehensive primary-care services through networking of primary-care providers and teams, including maternity, inpatient, residential, mild/moderate mental health and substance use, and preventative care;

• Coordination of care with diagnostic services, hospital care, specialty care and specialized community services for all patients and with particular emphasis on those with mental health and substance-use conditions, those with complex medical conditions and/or frailty and surgical services provided in the community;

• Clear communication within the network of providers and to the public to create awareness about and appropriate use of services.

• Care is culturally safe and appropriate.

Be part of a cohesive Roots CHC team where each provider has their unique role and scope in providing patient care, and you work together to ensure that the patient’s needs are met in the most effective way possible. Responsibilities would include:

• Comprehensive assessment of patients/clients/residents, including diagnosing diseases, disorders, and conditions, which is key to this role

• The ability to initiate treatment, including health care management therapeutic interventions and prescribe medications in accordance with the statutory and regulatory standards, limits, conditions, and employer policies and procedures

• The opportunity to practice autonomously and interdependently within the context of an interdisciplinary healthcare team while providing professional mentorship to other health professionals

• Active participation in the development and implementation of the Roots CHC and PCN within the community

• Applying the principles of collaborative care and willingness to receive practice support and participation in team building and training to assist in the integration of interdisciplinary members into the team

• Improvement of patient access to primary care services, including meeting the target panel size set out in the NP contract

• Employment of practice and panel assessments, office efficiency practices, and other methods to support enhanced access

• Engagement in continuous quality improvement.

Are you motivated to join the Roots CHC team? We will be looking for you to have the following:

• Current provisional/practicing registration as a Nurse Practitioner with the BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM)

• Relevant clinical NP experience

• Professional/Technical capabilities, including your clinical knowledge and genuine passion for providing quality and compassionate care to motivate and inspire others.

We welcome NPs as valued members of our team and value the skills and experience you will bring to our team and community. NPs within the Roots CHC have the opportunity to practice autonomously, interdependently and collaboratively with Family Physicians (FPs) to support the development and implementation of the Roots Community Health Centre.

This is a Permanent Full-Time or Part-Time independent PCN NP contracted position based at the Roots CHC site.

o Estimated start date: January 2023

o Hours of work:

o full-time - 40 hours per week

o part-time - 20 hours for

o (Minimum 0.5 FTE).

o After-hours coverage: flexible one day per week

o Compensation type: contract

o Estimated Yearly Remuneration: 160,000


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