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Interior Health operates several clinics such as the Urban/ Aboriginal Health Centre in the urban core area caring for unattached and marginalized patient populations in Kamloops.

We currently have several opportunities for physicians who have an interest in, or aptitude for, working with this vulnerable population, as well as an interest in working in a team environment and an ability to contribute some time to our clinics. Do you have an interest in working with this patient population either full time or for some portion of your week? We envision multiple physicians contributing part-time in our settings, providing physicians an opportunity for a mix of work including primary care, private practice and/or hospitalist work. There are opportunities for leadership, program, and team development, if desired.

Team: this is a collaborative team environment with existing Nurse Practitioners and health providers in Mental Health and Substance Use, etc.

Patients: may live in poverty and/or be dealing with mental illness, homelessness, addictions, complex chronic comorbid fetal alcohol syndrome, and acquired brain injury. Despite its name, the clinic serves both non-aboriginal and aboriginal patients.

Clinic hours: 8:30 – 4:30 weekdays; flexible clinic time in ½ day blocks

Compensation: Combination for sessional pay (current rate $151/hr) and fee for service billing along with the ability to bill for indirect care hours.

Rod Densmore M.D., Spring 2018 tell us “The teams of managers, nurse practitioners, physicians and MOAs at each of these clinics have been collegial and have sought to remove barriers for me every step of the way. [Friends in] similar clinics …. [say] we have better MOA and manager support here in Kamloops. And that means I was more easily able to pursue some of my clinical interests. Similar work to these clinics is done with inner city patients in Toronto….all that clinic’s physicians are part time and I believe 1-2 days/week is wise and sustainable level of involvement for this type of demanding practice. I have worked in some places where there is push back against innovation, … but at these Kamloops clinics new clinical ideas I might [want to] try have been met with openness and curiosity from managers and colleagues. Refreshing.”

For those interested, Leadership Development Opportunities are available with Interior Health’s NAVIG8 Program. The NAVIG8 Emerging Physician Leaders Program is a comprehensive leadership development program designed specifically for physicians to address the practical leadership knowledge, behaviours and skills that high potential, emerging medical leaders require to step into leadership roles early in their careers.

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Kamloops is a vibrant city that takes pride in its arts community and First Nations culture, represented in sites throughout the city, theatre events and music festivals. Come here and play a round at Tobiano golf course, spend the day kayaking, or head up to Sun Peaks for mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding. With something for everyone, Kamloops is a great place to live, work and play.

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