Specialty Medical Laboratory Technologist

Role and Facility Information

Performs laboratory work and related duties in the fields of Biochemistry, Hematology, Blood Bank, Urology and Microbiology. Reports data obtained to the physician. Works under supervision of the Chief Medical Technologist.


- Must have successfully completed an approved C.S.M.L.S. course in Medical Technology, and be registered with the C.S.M.L.S.

Skills and Abilities:
- Must be able to follow written and verbal instructions.
- Must have a demonstrated ability to deal with others effectively.
- Must have demonstrated ability to operate related equipment.



Estimated Remuneration
Not Available

Live and work in BC


Mackenzie is situated in northeastern British Columbia at the south end of Williston Lake, the largest man-made reservoir in North America. It is an active community offering a wide range of activities for all seasons. Winter boasts excellent snowmobiling, cross-country ski trails, downhill skiing and snowboarding. In the summer, Morfee Lake provides excellent scenery, swimming, boating, water-skiing and sunbathing.

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