Specialty Communicable Disease Control

Role and Facility Information

The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) and its employees are committed to a proactive holistic approach to health and wellness, and to the delivery of services which are sustainable and honour the customs and traditions of First Nations communities.

In partnership with First Nations communities and organizations, FNHA and other government and non-government partners and stakeholders, plans, coordinates, and evaluates clinical public health services in assigned areas of Communicable Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) programs and initiatives for First Nations communities in the British Columbia Region.

1. Plans and coordinates provincial clinical CDC programs and initiatives in one or more assigned areas of focus such as STI/BBP/Harm Reduction, Immunization, TB, and supports other CDC Coordinators in their assigned area(s) of focus.

2. Advises, coordinates, evaluates and supports activities of FNHA and First Nations health organizations specifically related to the reduction, prevention and management of specific Communicable Diseases (CD) in First Nations communities, including developing and planning community-based CDC and targeted programs in assigned area(s) of focus, and identifying and addressing training needs relating to the targeted CDC area such as harm reduction, education, care and support, and enhanced screening.

3. Provides expertise and advice in the coordination and design of FNHA CDC programs and activities in partnership with other federal and provincial departments and agencies involved in CD prevention and management in assigned area(s) of focus.

4. Participates with other CDC Coordinators in planning, implementing, coordinating, and conducting orientation and in-service development of FNHA and First Nations staff to ensure an appropriate level of understanding of public health in related areas of prevention program.

5. Coordinate and administer the provincial allocation of financial resources for the assigned area of focus on the CDC program, including provision of advice on contribution agreements and negotiation of terms of contracts to ensure appropriate program delivery.

6. Leads, prepares, maintains, and distributes pertinent information, policy, and procedural manuals dedicated to area of focus on the public health communicable disease control and prevention programs.

7. Represents FNHA on departmental, interdepartmental, and intergovernmental committees dealing with CD prevention and management in assigned area(s) of focus.

8. Prepares agenda, facilitates meetings, summarizes discussions, and disseminates information to supervisor, committee members, and attendees of various projects for the purpose of keeping information up to date and moving projects forward.

9. Provides advice and expertise to FNHA staff and First Nations communities regarding comprehensive and evidence based CDC, and prevention planning and activities, including preparing for public health crisis, and participating as a team in responding to Communicable Disease Health Emergencies, such as pandemic and/or outbreaks.

10. Performs other related duties as assigned.

• Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from a recognized university. Successful completion of approved training in public health nursing or communicable disease control (CDC) training.

Occupational Certification
• Current practicing registration with the BC College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP)

• Three to Five (3-5) years of experience in public health nursing or communicable disease control.

Knowledge and Abilities
• Knowledge of, and ability to apply, an understanding of First Nations cultural principles and protocols in work situations.
• Knowledge of the planning, coordination, and delivery of public health programs with particular strengths in communicable disease control and prevention.
• Knowledge and skills in one or more focus area within communicable disease prevention programs, such as STI/BBP/Harm Reduction, TB or Immunization.
• Knowledge of a variety of computer applications and data management skills.
• Knowledge of public health models and concepts to work effectively with other health disciplines internally and externally, and to integrate nursing plans and strategies with other health plans.
• Knowledge of nursing which includes the nursing process, conceptual frameworks of nursing, theories, and principles of nursing practice.
• Problem solving techniques/skills.
• Knowledge of advanced clinical nursing practice for the development of policies or guidelines to support the delivery of CD treatment services, including current clinical treatment practices, principles, techniques, disease symptoms, and outbreak indicators.
• Knowledge and the application of concepts, principles, and theories of trans-cultural nursing, including knowledge of traditional, homeopathic or other health practices used in the community.
• Knowledge of First Nations cultures and backgrounds, and the understanding of how culture impacts on communication patterns, and attitudes and approaches to health issues.
• Knowledge of computer software, manipulation and retrieval techniques to use a variety of automated systems and software, including Microsoft Word, Lotus Notes and PowerPoint to retrieve information, communicate electronically, develop reports, briefing notes, guidelines, and other documents, and to develop course and presentation material.


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