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In Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, more than 18,000 residents are in need of a primary care provider, many with complex care needs. Based on a team-based model of care, this brand new, community hub will foster patient attachment and access to services.

The Ridge Meadows Wellness Centre will co-locate the following clinics and services:

- an urgent and primary care centre
- a primary care clinic
- chronic pain services
- seniors services
- integrated chronic care services
- adult mental health and substance use services
- child and youth mental health and substance use service
- Primary Care Network clinic service team
- Primary Care Network support service team
- rehab and education spaces

The Ridge Meadows Wellness Centre is the first Primary Care Network centre in BC designed through a collaborative decision-making process between local physicians, the health authority and partner organizations. Enjoy an exciting opportunity to shape the culture and operations of this new, provincial model for team-based patient care.


Work as part of an interdisciplinary team so that you can connect your patients to the service/s they need (at no cost to them) and the burden of care will not rest solely on your shoulders. The team of allied health professionals that will be working to support you and your patients will include:

- a seniors outreach coordinator/social worker,
- a seniors service team, social workers/counsellors,
- an Indigenous cultural advisor,
- a physiotherapist/pain coach
- and a child and youth counsellor.

In addition, on-site specialists available to support you and your patients on a rotating basis will include

- a psychiatrist,
- a pain specialist,
- a geriatrician,
- a cardiologist,
- and an endocrinologist.

Plans are underway to expand the team to include a pharmacist, an occupational therapist, a dietician and a maternal nurse.


With the support of our Primary Care Network service team—including a seniors outreach coordinator/social worker, a seniors service team, social workers/counsellors, an Indigenous cultural advisor, a physiotherapist/pain coach and a child and youth counsellor, and specialists—you will be supported with the resources and services to attach the region’s most vulnerable populations.


Do you have a passion for supporting seniors, adult mental health, child and youth mental health and substance use, chronic disease or chronic pain? Specialists, including a psychiatrist, pain specialist, geriatrician, cardiologist and endocrinologist will be available on a rotating basis to provide consultation support to Ridge Meadows physicians. This support will position you to develop a subspecialty in these areas.


Welcome to the Cities of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows (Ridge Meadows), located 45 minutes out of Vancouver, between Golden Ears Provincial Park and Pitt Lake.

A beautiful suburb where residents enjoy outdoor sporting and West Coast adventure activities all year round, a vibrant arts and culture community and the average cost of a house approximately half of its Vancouver equivalent, it is no surprise that Ridge Meadows is one of the fastest growing regions in Metro Vancouver.

Ridge Meadows is within a one-hour drive to both international and domestic airports—as well as cross-border shopping opportunities in the United States.


“The support I received for orientation by the Division was excellent; and the local GPs have been extremely supportive and welcoming.” Summer, Ridge Meadows Nurse Practitioner.

“I was surprised and impressed by the amount of support I received from the other physicians in my new clinic, they have really made me feel part of a collaborative medical team.” Shane, Ridge Meadows Nurse Practitioner.

Experience a welcoming medical community where your voice will be heard and collaboration is supported. You will be invited to participate in social events such as our summer BBQ as well as patient care improvement initiatives that engage the entire medical community. For example, during the first two months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Division engaged over 500 physicians, nurse practitioners, specialists, MOAs and community partners in virtual meetings to develop a united, collaborative and cohesive local response to the health crisis, resulting in such pioneering initiatives as a temporary "pop-up" clinic designed to provide a safe space for in-person patient care during COVID-19.

Other supports and opportunities in our medical community include:

- Ridge Meadows hospital, a full-service hospital that provides 24/7 emergency care, surgery, maternity, critical care, a new MRI department, and a host of other services.
- A vibrant community of approximately 40 specialists who regularly collaborate with family physicians and nurse practitioners through patient care improvement initiatives.
- A child and youth mental health and substance use support centre called Foundry.
- Physician and nurse practitioner networks designed to foster subspecialties in adult mental health and addictions, women’s health, male health, chronic pain, seniors, maternity, children and youth, and end of life.

Ridge Meadows is also home to a Primary Care Network (PCN), part of a new, robust and integrated system of care launching across BC to increase patient attachment and access to quality primary health care that effectively meets their needs.

PCN attributes include:

- processes to ensure all people in a community have access to quality primary care and are attached within a PCN;
- provision of extended hours of care, including early mornings, evenings and weekends;
- provision of same-day access for urgently needed care through the PCN or an urgent primary care centre;
- provision of comprehensive primary-care services through networking of primary-care providers and teams, to include maternity, inpatient, residential, mild/moderate mental health and substance use, and preventative care;
- co-ordination of care with diagnostic services, hospital care, specialty care and specialized community services for all patients and with particular emphasis on those with mental-health and substance-use conditions, those with complex medical conditions and/or frailty and surgical services provided in community.


- Current provisional/practicing registration as a Nurse Practitioner with the BC College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP)
- Relevant, clinical nursing experience

Professional/Technical capabilities will include your clinical knowledge and real passion for providing quality, compassionate care to motivate and inspire others


Experience what practicing Ridge Meadows is like first-hand by participating in a tour of the area. The tour will include airport pick-up, accommodation arrangements, visits to medical facilities and the hospital, luncheon with local nurse practitioners and local mayors—along with whatever priorities you may have.

During COVID-19, we are also happy to provide you with virtual tour options.


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Nestled below the Golden Ears mountain peaks on the north bank of the Fraser River, Maple Ridge is a perfect balance of urban sophistication and country splendour. Here you can enjoy the slower pace and tranquil surroundings that are characteristic of a rural community, while being within easy access of Vancouver’s urban amenities. With miles of dikes, rivers, estuaries and parklands, you can hike, bike, camp, boat, or fish to your heart's content.

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