Specialty Family Practitioner/General Practitioner

Subspecialty General

Role and Facility Information

Our clinic is 10 year old and developed a large patient base. Practice scope: 1. Traditional family practice if you wish to have your own patients. As Burnaby area has large population without family doctor. 2. walk in practice: the clinic functions as a urgent care centre, many procedures are done in office such as lacerations and epidermal cysts I and D., etc. Also many patients use the clinic as a back up when their family doctors are unavailable. It is a fast paced work environment. 3. Option for doing obstetrics. I deliver roughly 100 women/yr in Burnaby Hospital, my office practice focus is prenatal care and woman's health, such as pap smears, IUD insertion and endometrial biopsies. We have 5 physicians working as a group and clinic has been around for 10 years. Oscar EMR is used for patient records. We have 7 large examination rooms all of them equiped for doing procedures. If anyone interested in joinning our team, please call me 604 809-0977 or email brntwd99@gmail.com. Wei Li, MD, CCFP



Compensation Type
Physician Overhead
Billing Split

Benefits and Incentives

Other Benefits/Incentives
72.5% split for MSP and private visit billings. 80% for form. 90% for lawyer 's report

Live and work in BC


With its pristine lakes, stunning botanical gardens, and grand parks, Burnaby pairs indoor and outdoor adventure flawlessly. Centrally located in the Lower Mainland, it is a perfect destination for exploring the great outdoors and the spirited Metro Vancouver. Housing the third largest shopping mall in Canada and the renowned Playground of the Gods, Burnaby is for outdoor enthusiasts and urbanites alike.

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