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The Adult Metabolic Diseases Clinic (AMDC) at Vancouver General Hospital is hiring a part-time (0.4 FTE) physician with strong internal medicine (IM) expertise. AMDC diagnoses and manages hundreds of rare genetic disorders affecting biochemistry and homeostasis, also called the inborn errors of metabolism. Some of the more common disorders cared for in our clinic include phenylketonuria, mitochondrial disease, and lysosomal storage disorders. Most conditions are multi-system and interact with the more common complex acquired disorders of adulthood. Comprehensive care often requires coordination across many disciplines, including with local hospitals and internists, so that long-term complications are mitigated and acute crises are responded to appropriately. Our own team comprises several disciplines including Medical Genetics, Endocrinology, Neurology, Medical Biochemistry, and Biochemical Genetics. We would eagerly welcome a new team member with a general internal medicine background in order to complement our varied individual knowledge bases.

Role Duties:

• Providing support and advice, or formal consultation as needed, in addressing common IM issues including cardiovascular risk factor optimization; basic interpretation of common abnormalities from bloodwork, imaging, or ECG; and selection of most appropriate pharmacologic therapy for common problems like hypertension.

• Out-patient clinics to begin gradually with a 3-month period of training in a sub-set of disorders featuring recurrent hospitalizations for metabolic decompensations (e.g., urea cycle disorders and other small molecule intoxication disorders); phenylketonuria; as well as shared care with another physician for stable patients with lysosomal storage disorders eventually. A 0.4 FTE workload will feature two half-day clinics per week with other time to be devoted to indirect patient care and other professional activities.

• Liaison activities with community hospitals to establish care pathways for patients presenting to hospitals around the province. We have a process that includes in-service education and preparation of emergency orders.

• Support for transition of complex patients from BC Children’s Hospital to ensure seamless transition of care to the adult environment.

• It is likely that our program will soon launch a trial of a non-MOCAP on-call service with primarily phone-based consultation support to other physicians after-hours and on weekends. Because of our low total FTE, options are being explored to try to work with any existing call responsibilities our physicians may already have as much as possible, while also ensuring fair remuneration.

• We occasionally provide ward consults to in-patients, either in person or virtually (if not at Vancouver General Hospital). We are the only tertiary program in the province for these disorders. Much of the training you will receive will relate to acute management of hyperammonemia and metabolic acidosis.

• While there is certainly some flexibility that can be explored regarding scheduling, there is also a need for generally regular clinic days to be dispersed as evenly as possible.

• If you develop academic research interests in these disorders, this will be welcomed and supported as much as possible.

• Teaching of medical students, residents, fellows and physician-to-physician practical education on diagnosis and care of specific metabolic disorders will be part of this role.

Our clinic is strongly committed to diversity within its community and especially welcomes applications from racialized persons / persons of colour, women, Indigenous / Aboriginal People of North America, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ persons, and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas.

Our clinic actively fosters a positive, respectful, and supportive working environment, and we are looking for someone who is positive, energetic, and empathic with strong communication skills and natural attention to detail. We work together in teams with nurses, dieticians, a social worker, psychologist, and genetic counsellor. We take pride in providing wholistic care to our patients, many of whom have complex socio-economic needs in addition to complex medical care needs.

Interested applicants, please apply to Health Match BC Posting by clicking on the "Request Info" link below.

Please include with your application a cover letter, CV and any other relevant documents for review.



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