Specialty Obstetrics/Gynecology

Subspecialty Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Role and Facility Information

We are seeking people with skills, expertise, and interest in pursuing an academic Maternal Fetal Medicine career as a clinician investigator which fits the future vision of the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine as part of the University of British Columbia, and the BC Women’s Hospital and Health Center in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

As a member of the medical team, you will be providing subspecialty clinical care in the area of high risk pregnancy, applying current research evidence and best practice standards. You will also participate in the recognized outreach, inpatient and outpatient care activities. In your role with the University, you will pursue and excel in academic activities involving research, teaching and administration. You will be expected to integrate and collaborate fully with all members of the clinical team and exhibit outstanding professionalism. The expectation of this position is their academic portfolio will be oriented towards new knowledge generation, knowledge translation and/or knowledge implementation. Hence the candidate should have evidence of training (MSc, PHD or similar) and/or body of work, to demonstrate the ability and desire to fulfil this as a long term career goal. The position will have protected time for the stated academic activities for a limited period of time and the expectation is the successful candidate will obtain external funding to maintain this portion of their career long term. Research support will be made available to the successful candidate. The type of UBC academic position will be arranged after the position is filled. There will be defined deliverables for the academic portion of this position.



Compensation Type

Live and work in BC


The world-class city of Vancouver is situated in the southwest corner of British Columbia, surrounded by mountains and ocean vistas. With a population of two million, Vancouver is Canada’s third largest city and is frequently honoured as one of the best places to live in the world. As North America’s gateway to the Pacific Rim, Vancouver has strong links to international markets and is home to a vibrant mix of cultures. Blessed with a balmy coastal climate, the city offers recreational pursuits to suit every taste and disposition, from extreme skiing and mountain biking, to sailing, golfing, nature walks and meditative retreats. The city boasts myriads of theatres, galleries and restaurants.

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