Specialty Family Practitioner/General Practitioner

Subspecialty General

Role and Facility Information

While we are looking for a GP to join our team on a long-term basis, we would also welcome a locum to provide shift coverage in the interim. Please let us know which option you might be considering, when contacting us to inquire about this opportunity. We are also happy to consider the option of opening/starting a family practice.

elow is a list of the shifts we are currently looking to fill; however, as noted below, if you would like to propose another schedule, please let us know.

- Some Mondays (from 8 am)

- All Mondays (any shift between 12:30/1 pm and 7pm)

- All Tuesdays (any shift between 12:30/1 pm and 7pm)

- All Wednesdays (any shift between 8 am and 7pm)

- All Thursdays (any shift between 12:30/1 pm and 7pm)

- All Fridays (any shift between 8 am and 7pm)

- All SATURDAYS (any shift between 8 am and 7pm)

- All SUNDAYS (open to discussion)

If you have a preference for shifts that falls outside of the proposed schedule above, we encourage you to contact us to discuss this further, to see if we can find a mutually convenient schedule that works for both of us.


We have one physician who is looking to continue his gradual retirement, so if you may be interested in a long-term commitment to our medical centre, he may be willing to reduce his hours, thus, opening up more more shift availability. He currently is working Tues/Thurs mornings, and Wed afternoons.

Another one of our physicians, who works Monday-Friday in the mornings, will be retiring in 2020, likely by mid-2020. The exact date is yet to be determined; however, if you are looking to plan ahead, this could be an option for you.

Finally, we are also very happy to consider physicians who are looking to open/start a family practice.

Thank you for your consideration.



Compensation Type
Billing Split
75/25 OR $120/hr GUARENTEED

Benefits and Incentives

Other Benefits/Incentives
Private payments 100% Guaranteed $120 hourly minimum PAYMENT NEXT BUSINESS DAY Oscar EMR

Live and work in BC


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