Specialty Family Practitioner/General Practitioner

Subspecialty General

Role and Facility Information


Flexible options at this nine-GP clinic in downtown Nelson. Design the practice that suits your lifestyle and financial goals. Full time practice, long-term locum, practice-sharing and part-time practice all possible.


• Collegial, well established clinic

• Two exam rooms and one office per physician

• Diverse services on site (including audiology, pharmacy, lab, respiratory services)

• MedAccess EMR

• Skilled and capable staff including chronic disease manager, billing expertise and dedicated business/financial manager. We do medicine -- not paperwork!



Compensation Type
Estimated Remuneration
$250k-$400 Gross
Physician Overhead
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Benefits and Incentives

Vacation Leave
May be eligible for additional remuneration in accordance with the Rural Subsidiary Agreement (RSA) including:
Retention Premium
Retention Flat Fee
Relocation Funding Available
Recruitment Incentive
$15,000 based on FT
Other Benefits/Incentives
CME funding: CME funding: Up to 2 years $440; In 3rd & 4th year $2,640; after 4 years $4,840 Rural Incentives are subject to change and current rates are confirmed at time of offer. Candidates with a BC or Canada student loan may be eligible for loan forgiveness programs.

Live and work in BC


Perched on the shores of Kootenay Lake in the heart of the Selkirk & Kokanee Mountains, the city of Nelson sets itself apart by offering a rare blend of outdoor adventure and cosmopolitan sophistication of arts and heritage. Downtown is lush with gardens, boutiques, and unique restaurants that offer a social feeling of big city life in a classic Victorian setting. The summer creates a mecca for hiking, golfing, and water sports while the abundant winter snow transforms the terrain at Whitewater Resort for world-class skiing and winter adventures. Come to Nelson and let the storybook charm and community welcome you.

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