Specialty Family Practitioner/General Practitioner

Subspecialty General

Role and Facility Information

Our physician team consists mostly of early career physicians who have been in practice between 2 and 9 years. There are also two very kind part time physicians who have over 70 years of combined clinical wisdom. We have a culture of “provider wellness and family first”.

Patient Panel: diverse in age, race, and socioeconomic status. From infants to geriatric age. The practice has a diverse patient panel and supports complex care, paediatric, prenatal care up and until 28 weeks, and suburban family patients. Women’s health experience or interest would be an asset. Also, management of type 2 diabetes and viral hepatitis will be a definite

asset to the office.


Mentorship by experienced physicians available in areas of hospital medicine, clinic management, clinic leadership, improvement science, addictions care, diabetes management, hepatitis management, gynecology, pharmacology, physiotherapy, audiology, motivational interviewing & patient empowerment.

Once a week, lunch meals are available.



Compensation Type
Estimated Remuneration
depends on number of patients seen - estimate 20 - 50 per day - New Doctors may adjust their appointment durations, quality over quantity preferred
Billing Split

Live and work in BC


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