Specialty Management

Role and Facility Information

The Manager is accountable for ensuring excellence in the provision of patient-centered care within a defined clinical area(s). The Manager is responsible for providing leadership and direction for the operations, management, utilization, risk management, and quality improvement within the assigned portfolio. The Manager applies management theory and concepts to leading, staffing, monitoring, evaluating, and data-gathering including the development of relevant outcome measures pertinent to the clinical area(s). The Manager is accountable for efficient, effective utilization of approved physical, financial, and human resources; for guiding and coordinating activities of the area(s) in accordance with professional standards; and supporting the goals and strategic direction of Interior Health (IH).


1. Provides leadership for clinical practice by seeking out and identifying best practices in patient care ensuring the appropriate structures, system processes, and culture are in place to facilitate ongoing development of a best practice model of care.

2. Evaluates effectiveness of care provided and seeks mechanisms to ensure that standards are met consistently. Responds to patient care issues and public concerns in a supportive and goal-oriented manner, facilitating communication to affect positive outcomes.

3. Facilitates and directs the development, implementation, and evaluation of unit specific goals and objectives, standards, and policies, ensuring consistency with the established standards and objectives of the services within IH.

4. Maintains fiscal accountability by collecting and monitoring necessary fiscal and utilization data and analyzes data appropriately. Ensures effective use of resources in the service area. Monitors the budget, identifies variances, and takes corrective action as required to maintain expenditures within the approved budgets.

5. Participates in the development and implementation of the local quality improvement and risk management initiatives for acute care services in accordance with IH standards and processes.

6. Analyzes current trends and data in the assigned area of responsibility related to the provision of accessible, comprehensive, efficient, and effective service/care.

7. Participates, as part of the local management team, in coordinating the utilization of shared resources including services, equipment, and space with other departments of the health site, as well as with other sites in the Health Services Area.

8. Acts as a change agent within the service fostering an environment of innovation and critical thinking.

9. Collaborates with interdisciplinary team members in planning and providing effective and efficient care within the assigned portfolio to support the achievement of operational and strategic objectives of the clinical program and consistent with the mission, vision, and values of IH.

10. Ensures the development and implementation of an effective recruiting, performance review, and performance enhancement strategy, growth, and development of select personnel and succession planning within the service area.

11. Identifies potential leaders and provides support and assistance to those individuals to address career goals.

12. Administers collective agreements and represents the employer in the grievance process, on various union/management committees, and during essential service situations.

13. Analyses current trends and data in the assigned areas of responsibility relating to the provision of accessible, comprehensive, efficient, and effective service/care. This includes sick time, overtime, casual utilization, WCB, turnover, staff mix, vacation utilization, and vacancies.

14. Maintains a positive and productive work environment respecting the value of an interdisciplinary team approach to the provision of health services. Promotes the creation of a quality work environment.

15. Identifies the educational needs of staff in the provision of direct patient care. Ensures the appropriate mechanisms are in place to support staff in the provision of quality patient care. Communicates with educational personnel regarding identified needs and collaboratively plans the opportunities for professional development.

16. Represents Patient Care Services and assigned clinical areas on a variety of internal and external committees as required.

17. Performs other duties as assigned.

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