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The Centre is seeking a Medical Director to join our team!
About the Facility:
The Centre is a 300-bed community-based care facility situated in a park-like setting in Burnaby, BC. Through a unique partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada and Fraser Health, we are proud to offer complex care and services to Canadian Veterans of the Armed Forces and seniors whose needs can no longer be met in the community. All residents must also meet complex care requirements for admission to care.
The Centre has been accredited by Accreditation Canada for 2011-2019, as a facility exceeding national standards of quality in the provision of health services.

The Role:
The Facility Medical Director (FMD) will have a passion for caring for the elderly and work collaboratively with the Regional Medical Director, Residential Care & Assisted Living (RCAL), and Facility Leadership to provide Medical Leadership as per the expectations and principles set out by the FH RCAL Network and the Burnaby Division of Family Practices Residential Care Initiative (RCI).

The FMD will enter into a contractual relationship with FH via a Physician Master Agreement-compliant Alternative Payment Program Sessional Contract for 50 GP sessions to fulfill the services related to the Medical Director role as outlined below. Each session is billed at $468.18/session (3.5 hrs) at the current 2018/19 rates.
In addition to Medical Director services, the successful candidate will also join Burnaby’s RCI and care for a panel of 27-Residents at George Derby and will have access to RCI incentive payments in addition to MSP billings.

Facility Medical Director Services:
1. “Clinical Administrative Services” means the participation in the evaluation of the efficiency, quality, and delivery of the Services that require the professional expertise of a physician, including participation in medical audits; interdisciplinary reviews; chart reviews; and incident report reviews, where such activities are specific to the Services in this Contract.
2. “Clinically related teaching” and “clinically related research” means teaching provided concurrent with patient care (bedside teaching) or research directly related to the needs of a particular patient (for example, investigating the appropriateness of particular diagnostic and therapeutic interventions).
3. The specific deliverables include the following:
• Participate in annual review of physician quality of care reviews, as requested;
• Provide medical leadership to any physicians working at the site by liaising between the physicians, FH RCAL, and Facility Leadership on matters pertaining to clinical quality and patient care;
• Support facility physicians in working cohesively and effectively as a group to ensure the provision of quality clinical care as agreed upon with the administration;
• When concerns of clinical quality arise, advise colleagues where practice improvement is desired;
• Review the quarterly clinical performance indicator reports provided by FH Integrated Analytics and make recommendations and operationalize processes to reach indicator targets;
• Liaise between Facility Leadership and the local DoFP to best accommodate and utilize RCI Physicians’ attendance at care conferences and meaningful medication reviews, completion of documentation, provision of 24/7 coverage, and proactive visits as per the Memorandum of Understanding between the DoFP and FH RCAL;
• Participate in care conferences in the rare cases where the local DoFP’s RCI program is unable to accommodate;
• Be knowledgeable of clinically-related FH RCAL strategic priorities and disseminate information to facility physicians;
• Attend the site frequently and work closely with clinical nurse leaders and administrators to educate and implement clinically-related FH RCAL strategic priorities;
• As possible, support and participate in opportunities for on-site physician education/mentoring of International Medical Graduates as per the Fraser Health Sponsorship for Provisional Registrants process and/or Division of Family Practice Residential Care Initiative involvement with Family Practice Residents (Note: Alternate/Additional resources may be associated with such opportunities)
4. Participation in the evaluation of the efficiency; quality; and delivery of the Services, including and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, participation in medical audits; peer and interdisciplinary reviews; chart reviews; and incident report reviews.
5. Submission to the Agency, all reports reasonably required by the Agency within third (30) days of the Agency’s written request.

To apply to this position, please submit a CV and cover letter to Health Match BC.



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With its pristine lakes, stunning botanical gardens, and grand parks, Burnaby pairs indoor and outdoor adventure flawlessly. Centrally located in the Lower Mainland, it is a perfect destination for exploring the great outdoors and the spirited Metro Vancouver. Housing the third largest shopping mall in Canada and the renowned Playground of the Gods, Burnaby is for outdoor enthusiasts and urbanites alike.

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