Specialty Family Practitioner/General Practitioner

Subspecialty General

Role and Facility Information

Full Service Family Practices with Walk in Shifts available. This is a Group Family Practice in a Urban Community setting across the street from a Community Hospital There is large portion unaffiliated patient that require on going Chronic Care. This is Ideal for a physician that would like to work in an Sub-acute inpatient setting that is well supported. Mission is a beautiful city within 45 minutes drive to downtown Vancouver, and Whistler close by.

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Compensation Type
Estimated Remuneration
$350-450 000
Billing Split

Benefits and Incentives

Vacation Leave
As required
Other Benefits/Incentives
No start up fees or leasing fees. Accommodations available at the Best Western hotel 5 minutes walking distance. Billing assistance available. Hosptial, Ambulance, Dentistry, Pharmacy services across the street. Walking distance to several Extended Care Unit of 250 beds , and Residential Assisted Living Housing.Option of working in a acute and sub-acute setting. Inpattient care is a walk across the street to the hospital.
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Live and work in BC


Founded in 1892, the town of Mission overlooks the lush Fraser Valley in southwest British Columbia. Flowers bloom here most of the year due to warm summers and mild, wet winters. All the amenities of urban life are here - or very nearby - and are provided without any detriment to the quality of life. The community supports a diversity of business, arts, culture, and recreational endeavours. Surrounded by forests, hills, lakes and streams, Mission is ideal for anyone who loves the outdoors, boasting two golf courses, 32 parks and dozens of hiking trails.

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