Specialty Nurse Practitioner

Role and Facility Information

Interested in Oncology? We are looking for a Nurse Practitioner who is keen to join our dynamic, caring team of health professionals to provide patient-centered care for those undergoing treatment in GI and Lung cancer clinics located in Victoria. The NP will work collaboratively within the team of RNs, Pharmacists, GPs and Oncologists, while following patients on systemic therapy independently and practicing to full scope to assess, diagnose, order laboratory and diagnostic tests, write and adjust chemotherapy orders, and manage overall care, in a safe environment surrounded by medical oncologists who are available to consult and collaborate with as required. Other supportive services may be accessed by patients when needed social work services, nutrition services, pain and symptom clinic, palliative care, spiritual services, and patient library services. In addition, the NP is expected and supported to contribute to BC Cancer in the domains of leadership, education, change agent and research.

This role is best suited to Nurse Practitioners with an oncology background and/or training in internal medicine/complex chronic disease management. Training for this specialized population will be provided over a six month period, tailored to the successful candidates learning needs and will include general oncology training as well as specific training to build the necessary skill set to manage patients undergoing GI and Lung cancer treatment.


- Diagnoses and treats previously undiagnosed clients for undifferentiated diseases, illnesses and conditions within the Nurse Practitioner’s scope of practice; orders appropriate screening diagnostic investigations; interprets reports of investigations and analyzes information to monitor progress and plan treatment. As part of the multidisciplinary team, develops and implements treatment plans. Writes orders for treatment and medications; makes patient rounds as appropriate and monitors ongoing care; provides first line care in emergencies.
- Establishes priorities for management of health conditions; provides follow-up treatment; communicates with clients and families about health findings, diagnoses and prognoses; supports and counsels clients in their personal responses to diseases, disorders and conditions.
- Collaborates and/or consults with physicians or other health care and social service providers as appropriate to assess and diagnose client status. Accepts referrals from, or makes referrals to, physicians and other health professionals.
- Prescribes drugs within the statutory and regulatory standards, limits and conditions for Nurse Practitioners and within applicable employer policies and procedures. Applies knowledge of pharmacology and evidence based practice in selecting, prescribing, administering and monitoring the effects of drugs to treat diseases disorders, conditions or injuries.
- Participates in research contributing to improved patient care and advances in nursing, health policy development and population health. Synthesizes qualitative and quantitative data from a variety of sources about determinants of health; maintains population health focus by participating in and implementing evidence based screening and health promotion for populations at risk and implements population based harm reduction strategies.
- Participates in interdisciplinary staff, including NP & nursing, education and professional development through case presentations, mentoring, role modeling and facilitating the exchange of knowledge in the classroom, the clinical setting and the community; fosters effective health care partnerships.
- Develops, implements and evaluates policies and procedures related to nursing and interdisciplinary practice, and identifies and responds appropriately to legal and ethical issues that may arise in patient care.
- Assigns work to other nursing and health care personnel; hires staff, provides supervision and evaluates staff performance if required.
- Performs other duties as required.


Current registration as a Nurse Practitioner with the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC). Must be eligible to complete the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) through the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC). Minimum of (4) years of recent, relevant clinical nursing experience.

Ability to perform the full scope of Nurse Practitioner duties and responsibilities. Able to define and articulate the specific areas of practice and client population for whom the NP is competent to provide health care services. Able to self-direct, interact, and adapt effectively with other professionals in complex, dynamic situations. Ability to communicate and collaborate with patients and families about health findings, diagnosis, treatment, self care and prognosis. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and build relationships with nurses and other health professionals and disciplines using a variety of communication strategies. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to lead a team and work within a team. Demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge, teach coach and mentor others; ability to implement and evaluate planned change. Able to critically assess and evaluate health research literature to determine best practices; ability to introduce education and evidence based research into practice areas. Skill in assessing and recognizing population health trends; able to plan and implement strategies for population based prevention and health promotion. Able to supervise others and evaluate the care they deliver as required.

Live and work in BC


British Columbia’s scenic capital city of Victoria is located on the southern part of Vancouver Island. Double-decker buses, horse-drawn carriages, scenic gardens and even the tradition of formal afternoon tea, reflect this seaside city’s British heritage. Victoria’s economy is made up of traditional industry, advanced technology, tourism and arts and cultural organizations. The city boasts one of the highest “park-to-people” ratios of any city in North America. A temperate climate supports numerous recreational pursuits including golfing, fishing and boating.

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