Specialty Family Practitioner/General Practitioner

Subspecialty Anesthesiology

Role and Facility Information

Come join the collegial Anesthesia team in Williams Lake! In this rural community, you can practice GP Anesthesia 1-2 days a week, and pick up ER or community work to round out your rural practice. We see a broad range of cases ensuring we maintain our skills and work remains interesting. We support Ob/Gyn, General Surgery and Emergency. Experience would be an asset but we have the capacity to mentor new Canadian graduates.

The Cariboo Memorial Hospital Surgical services provides surgery and Obs/Gyne services for a catchment area of about 50,000 and our ER sees ~22,000 ER visits/year. Our 24/7 Emergency Room is staffed with six full-time emergency physicians. We frequently pick up extra shifts to help each other or cover vacation but call us to learn what options you will have to build out the best possible rural career possible! The successful applicant can expect a highly collaborative and interactive medical setting as well as opportunity to educate medical students.

Williams Lake has all amenities, including a local college, an airport, and a variety of fitness and outdoor opportunities. You can’t beat the lifestyle as a family physician whether in your practice or for your family.

For more information about the general community and the medical community, please see this link to the Divisions of Family Practice web site for our area! https://www.divisionsbc.ca/cird

Apply today to live work and play where others only vacation! It's better here!

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Compensation Type
Clinical Service Contract
Estimated Remuneration
Group Clinical Services Contract ~ + MOCAP
Physician Overhead

Benefits and Incentives

Vacation Leave
6 weeks/year typical
May be eligible for additional remuneration in accordance with the Rural Subsidiary Agreement (RSA) including:
Retention Premium
Retention Flat Fee
Relocation Funding Available
$15,000 max
Recruitment Incentive
Other Benefits/Incentives
Provincial rural incentives also include Rural Continuing Medical Education support each year up to max of $4,840/year after 4 years in community. Other rural incentives may be available, please enquire (eg educational assistance for upgrading) Rural incentive rates are determined provincially and therefore subject to change annually. Candidates with a BC or Canada student loan may be eligible for BC or Canada loan forgiveness programs when living and working in a rural community.
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Live and work in BC

Williams Lake

Set in the heart of the Frontier, Williams Lake has been the focal point of the Cariboo and Chilcotin regions since the turn of the century. Here you will find a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and ample opportunity for fishing, hiking and mountain biking. Explore pristine forests, lakes, and rivers in the temperate summer, and experience snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter. Williams Lake has retained its magical western frontier character while becoming the modern commercial centre and transportation hub of the Cariboo. Hometown hospitality mixed with a high-quality lifestyle make this an ideal place to raise a family, start a business or retire.

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