Specialty Physiotherapist

Role and Facility Information

The Physiotherapist II, Sole Charge practices in accordance with the standards of professional practice and code of ethics as outlined by the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia (CPTBC) as well as within a client and family centred care model and the vision and values of the organization.

Provides physiotherapy services to enable clients to achieve and maintain optimal health outcomes, by working independently and as a member of an interdisciplinary team. Performs assessments on client’s physical status, functional abilities and needs and goals, establishes a physiotherapy diagnosis and prognosis, develops and implements an intervention strategy, evaluates the effectiveness of the intervention, and communicates with the client/family and health care team members. Contributes to the organization and delivery of physiotherapy services, and participates in departmental/program quality assurance initiatives, meetings, research, and education.

Example of Duties/Accountabilities

* Assesses client’s physical status, functional abilities, needs, and goals utilizing an evidence-based approach by methods such as reviewing records, gathering information, interviewing the client, identifying client and therapist expectations, selecting and applying evidence-based assessment methods, performing examinations, administering standardized tests and measures, identifying the client’s desired functional status and quality of life, and monitoring the client’s health for significant change to ensure improvement in clients functional independence and physical performance.
* Analyzes client’s needs, establishes the physical therapy diagnosis and prognosis, and develops an evidence-based, outcome-focused intervention strategy by utilizing assessment and reassessment findings, discussing the analysis with the client and relevant others, developing short and long term client goals, and selecting a practice model/intervention consistent with the client’s needs and goals to achieve optimal health outcomes.
* Implements interventions in accordance with established treatment guidelines and educates clients regarding self-management, health promotion and injury/disability prevention.
* Evaluates and documents the effectiveness of interventions by methods such as conducting ongoing assessment and monitoring of client responses, evaluating changes in health status, function and physical performance against pre-determined goals and expected outcomes, and modifying the intervention strategy to achieve and maintain functional independence and physical performance.
* Acts as a Physiotherapy resource for other members of the health care team by methods such as providing education and in-services, and attending meetings as a representative of Physiotherapy.

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Estimated Remuneration
$33.14 to $41.35 per hour
Benefits and/or Incentives
Dental, Medical, MSP, Pension, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance
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