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Specialty Family Practitioner/General Practitioner

Subspecialty Community Medicine

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We are three women sharing an office on the border of Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam. We do general practice family medicine with two of us doing OB in our office as well as in the community maternity centre.

We are looking for a permanent part time person that would work 2-3 days a week. The available days are Monday, Thursday and Friday with the option of adding Saturdays. This person could also do holiday coverage for the three of us, but the position is very flexible with respect to the number of days, the hours, etc.

The compensation would be on a locum basis of 70/30 split initially but over the next 5 yrs that could become more of a permanent position with individual incomes and splitting overhead.

We are on Telus EMR. We are a group of physicians and staff that have worked together for over 20 yrs - a unique office in that we have really had minimal staff turnover in that time, we socialize, we have a personal trainer who comes to work once a week and we like to encourage a healthy mind in healthy body in ourselves as well as our patients - it is incredibly busy so we really need someone to fill in the days the office is busy as all of us want to reduce out work week.

We do our own call but we have a well trained practice and we may get one phone call a month out of hours - it is truly a cradle to grave type of practice - we can certainly give references from physicians who have worked for us if anyone wants them.

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