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Reporting to the Professional Practice Leader, Occupational Therapy & Vocational Rehabilitation, the Occupational Therapist utilizes evidence-based client and family-centered psychosocial rehabilitation and/or recovery model principles to provide occupational therapy services to forensic patients who have complex mental health illnesses and may have co-occurring addictions and medical conditions, to enable them to achieve and maintain optimal health outcomes. Working both independently and as a member of interdisciplinary teams at FPH, the Occupational Therapist conducts functional assessments of patients, identifying skill strengths and deficits, consults with the interdisciplinary treatment team members, and makes recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation. The Occupational Therapist actively participates as a member of Rehabilitation Services team.


* Provides Occupational Therapy assessment and treatment in accordance with established standards to promote self-care, productivity and constructive use of leisure time by performing duties such as assessing needs, planning, implementing and evaluating treatment programs to an individual client/patient or group of client(s)/patient(s) in various environments.

* Documents information including relevant clinical data, assessments, treatment plans, progress reports and outcomes.

* Participates in interdisciplinary groups and/or teams including members such as physicians and nursing staff by performing duties such as providing clinical input and suggestions related to the management of the referred client/patient or group of clients/patients to ensure that high quality care is delivered.

* Assists clients and families to obtain specific equipment to meet the individual needs of the client/patient by performing duties such as communicating both verbally and in writing with agencies regarding the specific needs of the client/patient and requesting funding and liaising with suppliers regarding equipment needs.

* Maintains communication with clients/patients and families and/or caregivers in order to foster optimal progress for the client/patient through methods such as establishing and maintaining supportive, collaborative and therapeutic relationships. Participates on professional committees/teams and provides services to designated programs through methods such as attending meetings, providing written/verbal reports regarding referred clients/patients and to facilitate the resolution of issues and advocate for the goals and objectives of clients/patients.

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Estimated Remuneration
$31.99 to $39.90 per hour
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