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Hello. I have been recently diagnosed with a form of lymphoma and am scheduled to start stem cell transplant in early June. I have been told that I will be disabled from my family practice for about 6 months. I am checking to see if you are available to do a long-term locum from July onward. My office is on the corner of Edmonds and Kingsway in Burnaby, we use MedAcess EMR, I average 32-34 patients per day, and we generally pay locums 70% of billings. My practice is well established (since 1984) and my receptionist is knowledgeable and able to keep things running smoothly. There are 5 full time and 6 part time physicians in our office and we have an attached walk-in clinic in addition to the family practices. Thanks for your consideration and response.

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Situated at the geographical centre of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, Burnaby is a dynamic city with a reputation for friendliness and community spirit. As the third most populated urban centre in British Columbia, it features high-density residential areas, major commercial centres, shopping malls, rapid transit, high-technology research and business parks, comprehensive industrial estates and major post-secondary institutions. The community’s leisure interests are served through an extensive array of parks, golf courses, sports programs, arts and cultural activities and recreational facilities.

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