Sample Interview Questions

During an interview, ask as many questions as possible so that you have a clear understanding of what the position entails. If you are working as an independent contractor some of the following questions will form the basis of the practice level agreement that is negotiated. If you are working in an employed model these are questions to clarify in advance to ensure a good fit.

Some questions you may want to ask are:

  • What is the vision for this practice/patient medical home/team?
  • Why is this position available?
  • What is the team staff mix?
  • How does the team collaborate or what strategies do you employ to encourage all team members are valued?
  • What does the current team understand about the NP role?
  • How will orientation, support for learning plans, and mentorship be approached?
  • How do practitioners structure their clinic appointments?
  • How is coverage managed for weekdays, weekends, holidays, vacation, and continuing medical education? And how often does the group revisit scheduling?
  • How does the practice foster a system of patient safety and does the practice as a whole have liability insurance separate from that of individual practitioner’s liability coverage?
  • How is the call schedule determined and how often are these schedules reviewed/revised?
  • How is professional development/CME supported?
  • Do practitioners follow patients while admitted and how is that incorporated into the schedule?
  • What office and exam spaces are provided?
  • What procedures are performed in the clinic and who performs them?
  • What is the patient mix? (e.g. frail seniors, chronic disease, marginalized, immigrant populations, etc.).
  • What is the availability of specialists in the community?
  • How are the emergency rooms covered?
  • What is the overhead (operating) rate? And what is included in the overhead provided?
  • What is the rate of turnover among the employees?
  • What type of electronic medical record is used and how does this interface with other systems?
  • Is there a computer system for scheduling and who manages the patient schedule?
  • How old is the building and the major equipment? How is it financed?