Asking for a Reference

One of the first things you will need to do in your job search is to ask your former professors, employers, or colleagues if they would serve as a reference for you.

Here is a sample request letter:

Your name
Address (street, city, province, postal code)
Telephone or mobile phone number, with area code
Email address (provide one that you will use professionally; avoid ones with nicknames as first impressions are important)


Name of potential reference
Their full title

Dear Dr./Mr./Ms. Full Name (only address them by their first name if you know them personally)

State what you are planning to do (“I am in the process of relocating to British Columbia”) and what kind of position you are looking for (primary care network, family practice, etc).

Ask them if they would be willing to provide a reference for you. Ask them if they would serve as a reference who can attest to your competencies, qualifications, skills and abilities. Let them know that you will tell them when you have given out their name and contact information so they will know to expect a call.

You could also ask them for advice and suggestions on your job search, or if they know of any vacancies that you would be qualified for.

Thank them for their assistance.


Your Full Name, Degrees/Certifications