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Occupational Therapists

How we can help

Join the many Canadian and internationally educated occupational therapists (OTs) who move to British Columbia (BC) every year.


Once you have registered with Health Match BC, our allied health services team will review your training and experience to determine if you are likely to qualify to work as an occupational therapist in a publicly funded facility in BC. (Please note: Health Match BC does not facilitate the recruitment of private practice occupational therapists.)

Health Match BC works with both Canadian and internationally educated occupational therapists (IEOTs). If you require assistance, we can guide you through the registration and immigration processes.

Once you meet the eligibility requirements to practise as an OT in BC, we can assist you in applying to the health authority in the region of your choice. If you do not meet the requirements, we can provide you with information on what you need to do to qualify.

Download or view our Occupational Therapists brochure for licensing and immigration information for Occupational Therapists.

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