Clinical/Hospital Pharmacists

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Join the many Canadian and international clinical/hospital pharmacists who move to British Columbia (BC) every year.

As a clinical/hospital pharmacist, you will have the opportunity to utilize and advance your knowledge and expertise in ways only possible in this province:

  • counsel patients with a full knowledge of their medical histories
  • participate in research projects
  • pursue a subspecialty in diverse areas such as drug utilization review, cardiology, gerontology, nephrology, or information technology systems
  • enjoy making a measurable impact on patient care as a member of an interdisciplinary team in a clinical setting, and
  • collaborate with other health professionals to ensure seamless patient care while expanding your knowledge.

If you require assistance, we can guide you through immigration and the registration process.

Once you have registered with Health Match BC, our allied health services team can review your education and experience to determine if you meet the requirements necessary to work as a clinical/hospital pharmacist in BC and we can also guide you through the licensing process. (Please note: we do not facilitate the recruitment of retail pharmacists.)

Once you are registered with the College of Pharmacists of BC, we can assist you in applying to the health authority in the region of your choice.

Download our Reference Guide with information for Pharmacists: Health Match BC Clinical Pharmacists Brochure [PDF]

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