Requirements for IMG Recruitment

Physician Recruitment

Health employers should consider advertising options which will give them the greatest flexibility in considering both Canadian and internationally-educated physicians, though Canadian citizens and permanent residents must be given preferential consideration.

Service Canada assesses the potential impact that the hiring of an internationally-educated worker may have on the Canadian labour market, ensuring that the employer has taken appropriate action to recruit a qualified Canadian for the position, and that the entry of an internationally-educated worker will not have adverse effects on the employment opportunities of Canadians.

Therefore, as part of an application to Service Canada to hire an internationally-educated worker, the employing organization must demonstrate that they have made sufficient efforts to recruit a qualified Canadian or permanent resident physician. Copies of prior advertising efforts and explanations of their outcomes, undertaken over a period of approximately 18 months should be included as part of your submission.

Posting a vacancy on our website is regarded by Service Canada as meeting the advertising requirements for the recruitment of internationally educated physicians. Therefore, the first step in any recruitment process is to contact us and arrange for your vacancy to be posted on our website.

Maintain a file of your ongoing recruitment and advertising materials, as you will require these for your Service Canada submission in the event that you hire an internationally educated physician requiring a work permit from abroad OR who is already working in Canada for another employer. Copies of the Health Match BC posting will typically suffice. However, if you did advertise in journals or newspapers or used other resources, retain copies and include in your Service Canada submission.