Sourcing Candidates and Advertising

Physician Recruitment

There are a variety of options available to you to source prospective physician candidates in Canada and worldwide. You may wish to consider a number of approaches to maximize the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts. 

Health Match BC consultants can provide you with guidance on the best advertising and sourcing options available. Furthermore, they can work closely with you to screen and assess the eligibility for licensure in BC of candidates, sourced through your advertising efforts, before you incur interviewing costs.

It is important to note the Service Canada advertising requirements for the recruitment of international physicians. There must be three national sources of advertising:

  • WorkBC
  • Health Match BC (If you have a registered employer account with Health Match BC, you can fill in a vacancy request form. If not, register here.)
  • Health employer website, or
  • Place advertisements in national, provincial, or specialist medical journals. Contact us to assist you or guide you in this process.

There are also other options that can be considered to source physician candidates and to market your requirements to a broad audience, such as contacting your professional networks:

  • Is there a network of physician contacts that can be accessed through professional contacts, other doctors in the community, or through health care professions, community representatives, or administrative personnel? 
  • Contact former locums - a doctor who previously worked as a locum in your community may be interested in a longer term or permanent placement.
  • Consider postgraduate residents - have there been training-rotation medical residents approaching graduation or previous residents who could be contacted regarding interest, or who have other contacts?
  • Consider candidates generated from previous recruitment and advertising efforts - review any advertisements that you placed in Canadian, provincial and/or specialty journals within the last year. Were there responses and candidates who can still be considered?
  • Check upcoming meetings, conferences, and courses for networking and advertising opportunites. (See the list of conferences that Health Match BC is attending on your behalf.)
  • Contact associations or societies representating your target market, for example, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada to see if they can offer support for your recruitment efforts.

A great new resource is the Physician Recruitment and Retention Toolkit by the Divisions of Family Practice Recruitment and Retention Steering Committee. It was developed to provide easy access to "best" or "promising practice" processes, tools, and templates that can assist divisions and their partners (e.g. health authorities, municipalities) in their local recruitment, retention, and practice coverage efforts.