This section reviews the selection process providing tips and techniques on how to evaluate and select the "right" physician for your community.

By establishing a well-defined interviewing and selection process that is fair, consistent and comprehensive, you will ensure that the right person is selected for the job - someone possessing the required expertise and qualifications, as well as offering the right "fit" to the practice, the people, and the lifestyle offered by your unique community.

Interviewing and selection is a two-way street between the hiring organization and the physician candidate:

  • the hiring organization seeks to fill a vacancy with a highly skilled and qualified professional who will add value to the practice, and
  • the individual seeks to ensure that the opportunity, the practice and the community meet their professional, personal and lifestyle needs.

"The key to retention is hiring the right person in the first place."

Your goal in recruitment and selection is to find a qualified candidate that meets the needs of the community and practice, while ensuring that the opportunity you offer meets the specific needs of the individual. As a result, the interviewing process requires that you spend time to gather information on two fronts:

1. Does this candidate offer the skills, credentials, qualifications, expertise, personal suitability, abilities, style and characteristics needed to be successful in this opportunity?

Do they offer what we want and need?


2. What are the specific preferences and needs does the candidate and his/her family have regarding the hours of work, compensation, benefits, community and lifestyle they are seeking?

Do we offer what they want and need?

A positive outcome results in a match where the needs of both parties are understood, communicated, and met.