Confirmation of Need

Physician Recruitment

If you anticipate the likelihood of recruiting a physician who is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and does not meet the requirements for full registration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC) - and therefore will be on provisional licensure - you will require a Confirmation of Need letter from the BC Ministry of Health. 

The Ministry has designated Health Match BC as their agent to ensure that the required documentation for a Confirmation of Need letter is prepared for signing by the Ministry. If you have a registered employer account with Health Match BC and are a designated sponsor, you can request a Confirmation of Need letter on our website.

The CPSBC requires the Confirmation of Need letter as part of the health employer's formal request for provisional licensure once a candidate is identified.

The health authority is responsible for requesting the Confirmation of Need letter from the Ministry through Health Match BC, providing the information outlined below:

  • name of facility or sponsoring organization
  • provide the name of the physician that previously filled that position, or documentation that a new position has been approved through your health employer's physician resource plan
  • specialty/sub-specialty of position being recruited
  • permanent or locum position:
  • if locum - the start date and the end date of the locum is required
  • any condition attached to the position
  • country of origin, and

Health Match BC vacancy number.

For questions regarding the Confirmation of Need letter, please contact our team at