Specialty Family Practitioner/General Practitioner

Subspecialty Emergency

Role and Facility Information

General Practice/Family Medicine services for regular clinics and emergency call providing full service Practice to a primarily First Nations rural community. Services are augmented with visiting specialists. Contracts are based on full time of 46 service weeks/52 weeks, minimum 1840 hours.

Overlooking the ocean, the one facility houses the medical clinic / hospital / pharmacy and ambulance services. The clinic has combined office/exam rooms for 4 physicians and there is clinic support staff provided. The hospital has 6 acute care beds, 7 continuing care beds and a 3 bed emergency department open 24/7. Along with a laboratory, diagnostic imaging services and telehealth services, this is an opportunity to practice and challenge your skills.

Interested applicants, please apply to Health Match BC Posting # VCHA-1756 by clicking on the "Request Info" link below.

Please include with your application a cover letter, CV and any other relevant documents for review.

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Compensation Type
Alternative Payment Arrangement
Estimated Remuneration
$289,287 full time, plus applicable incentives and on call payments
Physician Overhead
Billing Split

Benefits and Incentives

Vacation Leave
May be eligible for additional remuneration in accordance with the Rural Subsidiary Agreement (RSA) including:
Retention Premium
Retention Flat Fee
Relocation Funding Available
$up to $15,000
Recruitment Incentive
$up to $20,000
Other Benefits/Incentives
Rural Incentives if applicable as approved by VCH.
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Live and work in BC

Bella Bella/Waglisla

The remote fishing village of Bella Bella is located on Campbell Island, north of Port Hardy. Home to the Heiltsuk First Nations people, Bella Bella is the largest community on the Central Coast and serves as the main supply and communication centre for the north central coast and outlying regions of Vancouver Island. While fishing has been a mainstay of the community’s economy since it was settled centuries ago, today forestry and tourism also play a role. Near Bella Bella is the Hakai Provincial Recreation Area, British Columbia’s largest marine park, which is well-known for its lagoons, reversing tidal rapids, beaches, coves and inlets.

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