Vernon Hospitalist Says BC Is The Place To Be

Vernon Hospitalist Says BC Is The Place To Be

May 08, 2020

Nordic skiing brought Dr. Kira McClellan, a Hospitalist with the Interior Health Authority, to the community of Vernon in 2003. “I came here with exactly two weeks of work organized and that was it.” 17 years later, she’s still there, and that is a testament to the quality of life in Vernon.


Dr. McClellan has worked with both the Hospitalist Department and the Department of Family Medicine in Vernon and calls its medical community “embracing.” She recalls how amazing it was to have a job lined up just after her first meeting. “It was easy to get to know them all,” she says. 


According to Dr. McClellan, it is also very easy to integrate into the community of Vernon and everything about the city is fantastic - the size, the atmosphere, and the fact that you can raise a family here. Vernon is also a great place to go to enjoy outdoor sports, and is home to a world-class Nordic Ski Centre - if you’re into skiing at all, Dr. McClellan says “this is the place to be in the country.”

Watch the video below to learn more about working and living in this wonderful community:

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