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Celebrating Nurses Week with "I Am Your Nurse" Video

Celebrating Nurses Week with "I Am Your Nurse" Video

May 11, 2020
Thank you to all nurses across British Columbia! 

As we celebrate National Nursing Week (May 11th to May 17th), it's the perfect time to say thank you, give recognition and show gratitude for all nurses across the nation and province for all of their work.

In collaboration with Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), Health Match BC is proud to share this video, featuring spoken word artist Julia Pileggi ‚Äčand several nurses from across the province. 

In celebration of nurses everywhere, this video is a collection of their stories, and inspired a spoken word piece that touches on the heart-warming and heartbreaking aspects of nursing. The video features nurses from across the province and from multiple programs and areas of practice.  Pileggi shares these nurses stories and all the hard-work, support, and compassion that go into their days with an amazing  performance.

The video reminds us that the work of nurses goes beyond what we might typically think; they are our “nurses, caregivers, witness, and everything in between.” It reminds us to say thank you to our nurses not only during nursing week but whenever we can, for the work they do is not only heroic but praiseworthy as well.

Nurses practice in programs and communities across the province, in some of the most unique and specialized settings. Knowing that every nurse has a story, and every story has the potential to improve the health system, it’s inspiring to think about the collective impact nurses make in the lives of British Columbians.

COVID-19 is a moment in time that we will get through together. Thank you to nurses everywhere – for your care before the pandemic emerged, and long after it passes!