IMG Loves Flexibility of Practising Medicine in Kamloops, BC

IMG Loves Flexibility of Practising Medicine in Kamloops, BC

March 23, 2017

For Dr. Johan van Heerden, moving to British Columbia from South Africa was pretty straightforward. He found Health Match BC through a quick Google search, sent an email and "within 12 hours I heard back. Things went smoothly from there: work, housing, car, everything was fairly easy to organize."

Of course, BC wasn't his only option. He was also looking at Australia and the UK, "but Canada was the easier one to come into, with no English exams needed until I arrived, so I didn't have to travel back and forth beforehand."

Outdoor Lifestyle

Given the outdoor lifestyle, the city of Kamloops was an obvious choice. "I didn't ski before I got here but took a lesson and then just went for it,” said Dr. van Heerden. “Now we own a place at Sun Peaks [BC's second largest ski resort] and we're up there most weekends. I've even joined in the local men’s ice hockey league! And in the summer months, there's the river and the lake, hiking, cycling – whatever you like."

He also takes part in triathlons and finds the Kamloops area to be the perfect place to train. “It's awesome to get the training time you need in each discipline, including cycling with hill climbing, running, swimming – it's all accessible."

Flexibility at Work

When Dr. van Heerden talks about working in Kamloops, one word that comes up often is 'flexibility'.

"You can choose what you want to do. For me, after the 10 minute commute to the clinic, a typical day starts off quite easy – arrive at 9, have a coffee with colleagues, do some paperwork, then see patients 9:30 to 4 with an hour lunch break. And when I head home, I try to leave my work at work. I spend 2 days a week seeing patients at the clinic and 3 days at the oncology unit in the hospital. But it's totally flexible, you can choose to work as much or as little as you want and there is a lot of variety and choice in terms of what you can get involved in."

Connected to Family

Another benefit of flexibility in clinic work is that he and his family are able to take 3 to 4 weeks of vacation each year in order to visit family in South Africa. "And they also love to come here," he added. "It's an experience they don’t get very often and it's always nice to get them here to show them the things we experience and the reasons we like it here."

Dr. van Heerden’s advice to anyone thinking of moving to BC is simple: “It might take time, but when you get here, it's worth every minute."

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