B.C’s new system of primary care is arriving in Burnaby in May 2019

B.C’s new system of primary care is arriving in Burnaby in May 2019

March 21, 2019
Following the government of British Columbia’s announcement of its plans to launch a new system of primary care, funding has been provided for Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners which Health Match BC has set out to recruit by working closely with stakeholders, and four networks of team-based primary care providers have been rolled out in Fraser northwest communities.

The residents of Burnaby will soon also be able to reap the benefits of B.C’s new system of primary care. In May 2019, three primary care networks (PCNs) will be launched in Burnaby, and the new Burnaby Urgent and Primary Care Centre (UPCC) will be opened.

The three PCNs will be the Brentwood/Hastings PCN, Edmonds PCN and Metrotown PCN. The PCNs and UPCC will recruit up to 68 new health care professionals over the next three years, who will work with existing health care professionals to provide primary care to residents in Burnaby. 
In addition to providing its patients with improved access to regular, extended and after-hours care, the three PCNs will also provide specialized and relevant services for the aging population, immigrants, mental health patients, and patients with a history of addiction and substance-use.

Health Match BC will continue to support the primary care network initiative through targeted digital advertising, social media content circulation and direct candidate engagement.

If you are a Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner who would like to become a primary care provider, please contact us at pcn@healthmatchbc.org or visit pcn.healthmatchbc.org for more information.