Calling all FPAs! Finding fulfillment and Friendly Faces in Vanderhoof, British Columbia

Calling all FPAs! Finding fulfillment and Friendly Faces in Vanderhoof, British Columbia

July 15, 2022
Do you enjoy living in a peaceful environment, a place where you can hear the birds sing? Not only does the fantastic rural community of Vanderhoof have an impressive bird sanctuary, but according to Dr. Shu Ho, who has worked in Vanderhoof as a Family Practice Anesthesia physician since 2014, it's the place for you if you're looking for both job satisfaction and friendly staff! "Our contributions to the medical community are valued," says Ho. "Working as a collaborative group, we serve the community from a single clinic and provide close support for each other and our patients. Working in a small town, we work and help our friends and neighbors." He goes on to say that there is a culture of gratitude for people's contributions and you truly feel valued by your colleagues and the broader community.

Interested in family practice/anesthesia opportunities and broadening your experience? In Vanderhoof, you have the opportunity to wear many hats and contribute on an even greater scale. Dr. Ho's work includes various surgical services (ENT, orthopedic, dental, adult, and pediatric), maternity anesthesia, and trauma/critical care support. 
If a great community with supportive colleagues and close patient relationships is something that interests you, look no further. There are currently family physician and anesthesiologist job opportunities in Vanderhoof. A place where the cost of living is attractive, where nature is at your fingertips, and where people look out for one another.

Dr. Shannon Douglas, a Vanderhoof physician, shares, "I am continually inspired by the people I am privileged to live with and care for. [...] As much as I love my community and am committed to service, that love is returned, and I feel entirely privileged to live as a part of my community in the North." Dr. Douglas also provides family physician care to many communities surrounding Vanderhoof and has taken on different leadership positions in the medical community throughout her career. 

In terms of lifestyle, there is something for everyone in Vanderhoof. Whether you enjoy golfing, bird watching, lake canoeing, cross-country skiing, or swimming at the local Aquatic Center, there is always something to do! Other activities include being one with nature as you stay in a wilderness lodge or resort, horseback riding, mountain biking, and visiting the Kenney Dam and Cheslatta falls, a short hike away. 
Learn more about this FPA opportunity by registering with Health Match BC today. Our recruiters will work with you to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Check out the job posting for Anesthesiologists in Vanderhoof, BC.