Kamloops Delivers for Canadian GP

Kamloops Delivers for Canadian GP

January 23, 2018

A key factor in choosing a place to live and work for Canadian-trained family physician Dr. Alina Cribb and her husband was space. With two horses and a love of the outdoors, finding an affordable home with acreage was at the top of the priority list. "When we visited Kamloops, we found a lot of affordable options with enough acreage to accommodate our horses and give us a beautiful view as well," said Dr. Cribb.

Central Location
Not only did they find the land they needed, the home they found is also within city limits, which gives the couple the best of both worlds. "Kamloops has a great swimming pool, running track, symphony, theatre, and the university," she added. "All within a short drive."
Another hobby that Dr. Cribb and her husband enjoy is motorcycling. Here, Kamloops delivered again — "Whether you enjoy paved biking or off-road, there are lots of options nearby. The routes are really interesting, the dry climate means roads are smooth with very little weather damage, and they include lots of twists up and down through the mountains. So it's very safe riding through beautiful scenery."
The proximity of Kamloops to Vancouver and the USA is another bonus: "It's an easy three-hour drive to the coast or down to the States for visits to bigger cities and vacation travel."


Breadth of Clinical Work

On the work front, with a population of 100,000, a full-service hospital, and the University of British Columbia (UBC) Family Practice Residency program, options abound in Kamloops for building a practice that suits the particular interests of any family practitioner wishing to relocate. For Dr. Cribb's practice, she chose to work with an older group of patients and join the UBC program as a teacher: "This was my choice, I wanted to work with the more complex medical cases and include residents in my practice."
To help with the transition, she found connecting to Health Match BC early on in the process to be very worthwhile. "It's a great 'one-stop shop'. The website helped us keep up to date with all the opportunities to practise in the province. The team made sure everything was in order for me to get licensed in BC. Finally, they connected us with representatives from the local Division of Family Practice in Kamloops who gave us a tour of the town and answered our questions about the area."

In the end Dr. Cribb and her husband chose Kamloops for one reason — it had everything they were looking for.