Pharmacist Learns The Ropes In The Fraser Valley

Pharmacist Learns The Ropes In The Fraser Valley

December 16, 2017

The decision to move to BC happened very quickly for Alex Chui and his wife, Joline Choi. The newly-graduated pharmacist was completing an internship in Maryland and the couple was just beginning to research the possibility of moving to Canada. Then Alex filled out a profile on the Health Match BC website.

“I was contacted by one of their consultants just a few days later, asking me for more information. And just a few days after that they let me know about an opening in Abbotsford,” said Alex. “It all happened very quickly.”

Enjoying the pace

In fact, the first time Alex set foot in BC was to write his qualifying exams for the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada. A few short months later the couple settled in Port Moody and Joline started a job search of her own. She soon found work as Clinical Research Coordinator in the plastic surgery department at Vancouver General Hospital.

As Alex is just starting out in his career, he’s enjoying the pace of the Canadian system. “Things are just a little slower here. Patients stay in the hospital longer, which means there is more opportunity to get involved with their care. I’m picking up lots of skills and learning about the profession,” noted Alex.

“There are lots of differences though, especially the drug names. It’s taken a bit of time to readjust myself to the Canadian system.”

Exploring BC

In their spare time, the couple enjoys exploring BC. “We spent a few days in Victoria. And we visited Whistler, which was like no place I’ve ever been before. It is amazing to be surrounded by mountains. We watched the mountain bike exhibitions. The tricks they did were just crazy!”

“We are learning how to golf. So far we’ve been to the driving range, but we are working up to going out on a course. And this winter we want to learn to ski,” said Alex. The 2010 Olympics were a highlight for the couple as well. “It was so festive, and even though we watched most of the events from home, it was very exciting. It was nice to be able to go down to Robson Square with our red mittens and feel like we were part of the action.”

Originally posted March 4, 2011.

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