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Employment Opportunities in Nanaimo, BC

Employment Opportunities in Nanaimo, BC

December 02, 2021

Nanaimo is a vibrant city on the East Coast of Vancouver Island. A place for fun outdoor adventures and a sense of community while also not being too far away from the big cities, both Victoria and Vancouver. If you have thought of moving to British Columbia for the breathtaking landscapes, the mild climate, and friendly, easygoing beat of life, consider settling in Nanaimo. You will find a charming downtown with shops, museums, and restaurants, as well as a wide range of activities, from whale watching and hiking to golf, mountain biking, and boating.


Dr. Theo Le Roux shared with us his story of relocating to Nanaimo. What pulled him in was the lifestyle he imagined this place would offer him and his family. Dr. Le Roux liked the idea of a slower pace of living, being close to nature, and enjoying (perhaps more so) winters. At first, this desire was frightening; he shared that he had lovely friends and a community he was not exactly ready to leave behind. However, something far more beautiful happened: he found new people that felt like home, created the life he had always pictured for himself, and the best part is, Nanaimo being such a fantastic destination, his loved ones are happy to visit! "Saying good-bye to long-time friends was not easy, but also unnecessary as suddenly, we are a very popular vacation destination for the very same friends we left behind." It is one thing to create a new home and to enjoy your surroundings, but what makes this relocation even more worthwhile is the quality of his new job, as well as the pleasant work environment. After all, we do spend a significant amount of time at work! Dr. Le Roux shares how working for the Nanaimo Regional Community hospital exceeded his expectations. "Here is a place where teamwork is truly valued - from the anesthesiologist to the nursing staff and, yes, even the surgeons! I certainly have not come across an operating room that could match the spirit of collegiality at NRGH." He tells us that everybody invests in providing good care for the patients. 


Dr. Le Roux is far from the only one who is thankful for Nanaimo. Dr. Jason Lee performed locums in different locations, but it was his Nanaimo experience that stood out. "Nanaimo's operating room was the first workplace that felt like a real community to me," he explains. "Rather than being a "top-down" workplace, the operating room functions as a collaborative and team-oriented environment with our surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists." He shares that they socialize as a group outside of the OR. Activities include soccer and dragon-boat teams, golf, OR Christmas parties, and even a road trip! Dr. Lee says that Nanaimo is a bit of a hidden gem and that his experience is no different from that of many other physicians: even a short locum in Nanaimo can inspire you to relocate. 


On top of the friendly work culture and the vast and engaging nature of Nanaimo, the hospital itself has much to offer. "NRGH is a large community regional hospital affiliated with UBC medical school with a very collegial medical community," says Dr. Karen Wong, the NRGH Medical Lead anesthesiologist. She explains that their clinical practice is diverse and includes pediatrics, regional and obstetrical anesthesia, and interventional chronic pain. "We are very fortunate to be supported by an excellent team of anesthesia assistants and are regularly involved with teaching medical students, rural family physicians, and UBC anesthesia residents," says Dr. Wong. She explains that their department is active in interprofessional simulations, quality improvement projects, and journal clubs.

Dr. Wong loves working in a culture that values work-life balance and being a part of a community that allows her to work hard and play hard. She says that Nanaimo is the perfect size city, with excellent schools, restaurants, and community facilities but with "a fraction of the traffic!" However, do not take her word for it; she invites you to find out for yourself - "we look forward to meeting you!" she says.

The Nanaimo Regional General Hospital's Department of Anesthesia is currently recruiting two full-time anesthesiologists to join their friendly and collaborative team of 16 full-time FRCP(C) anesthesiologists. The NRGH is a 380-bed hospital. It serves an immediate population of 105,000 residents and is a catchment area for 450,000 people, serving as a referral center for both Central and Northern Vancouver Island.

Are you curious about doing locums or relocating to beautiful Nanaimo to experience the work-life balance, sense of adventure, and collegiality that Dr. Le Roux, Dr. Lee, and Dr. Wong have all found? Check out these job postings for Anesthesiologists in Nanaimo, BC.

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