How do I apply for the CSMLS certification examination?  

The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science is the national certifying body and professional society for medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) in all Canadian provinces and territories except Quebec.

To apply to write their certification exam, please telephone them toll-free 1.800.263.8277 or go to the CSMLS website.

How long does it take to complete the CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment process?

Once the CSMLS receives your application and all of the required documents, it takes them approximately four to eight weeks to complete their Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process.

How long is the CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process valid?

The CSMLS PLA report is valid for two years.

Can I write the CSMLS certification examination outside of Canada?

Currently, the CSMLS certification examination can only be written in Canada. It is not available online or outside of the country.

How often is the CSMLS certification examination offered each year?

The CSMLS certification examination is offered three times a year: in February, June, and October.

How soon before the CSMLS certification examination can I apply to write the exam?

You must apply for the CSMLS certification examination at least three months ahead of the next available examination.

Can I become a member of the CSMLS without  taking or passing the CSMLS certification exam?

Only MLTs who have passed the CSMLS certification exam are eligible for active membership with the CSMLS; however, MLTs who are registered with a provincial regulatory body and/or have worked in an unregulated province, such as British Columbia, for up to two years can be affiliate members of the CSMLS.

Internationally educated MLTs can join the CSMLS as associate non-certified members.